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Discussione in 'Console News, Articoli e Recensioni' iniziata da Ivan, 25 Giugno 2003.

  1. Ivan

    Ivan Administrator

    9 Dicembre 2002
    "Mi Piace" ricevuti:
    ** If XBMP locks on startup, delete e\tdata\face007\system.bin and try again **

    Note: This build is straight from the CVS - you will need to apply your own skin! (Unless you like placeholders)

    IMPORTANT: I have noticed a problem on my PAL Xbox, and suggest that users of PAL Xboxes don't use the
    Video options which are found under settings at this time! When selecting a PAL resoultion on
    this menu, clicking 'set' and rebooting will prevent XBMP from loading (only in my experience).
    I believe this is due to XBMP incorrectly writing to the Xbox EEPROM. I used the Enigmah Video
    Selector and reselected PAL (even though it already reported PAL) and XBMP loaded fine again. If
    anyone can confirm this to be a problem it would be nice.

    ** Updates since last CVS build 16th June 2003 **
    06-23-03 255,Ascending (A-Z) and 256,Descending (Z-A) added to lang1.xml
    06-23-03 added sorting asc/descending (this will not work with xns)
    06-22-03 fix bug preventing tuples >999
    06-22-03 dont queue .nfo files & fix saving of decoder settings menu
    06-21-03 bugfix for 4meg pixel pictures
    06-21-03 added CDDB caching and setting for it to the config.xml
    06-21-03 added "Force non-interleaved" to the settings (Mplayer -ni support)
    06-20-03 looks like CDDB support was added
    06-19-03 now you can sort MP3's by Tracknumber/Filename/Artist/Date/Title

    Many thanks to those who support the Xbox scene and those who make fine releases like XBMP etc possible.
    Hope some of you can use this 'extra' support (i.e. those who don't have access to the Xbox SDK).


    P.S. Apologies for the incorrect build time in this release. It IS the latest CVS build, I just forgot to
    change buildtime.h. It WILL be fixed in any future releases

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