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Discussione in 'Console News, Articoli e Recensioni' iniziata da Ivan, 12 Ottobre 2003.

  1. Ivan

    Ivan Administrator

    9 Dicembre 2002
    "Mi Piace" ricevuti:

    >> The latest CVS compile from xbins includes these fixes..
    From Readme:

    Oct 12th 2003 unofficial XBMC build

    make *sure* to delete /E/TDATA/0face008/system.bin on your xbox before upgrading to
    this version, or there won't be any labels on menu buttons.

    the language and skin directory structure was changed in this build, I suggest you
    wipe your xbmc dir except your XboxMediaCenter.xml and upload the files contained
    in this rar.

    if you want to play around with python scr ipting support, extract the RARs in the
    python/ and scr ipts/ subdirectories before uploading to your xbox. Otherwise you
    don't need to copy those directories.

    The english language main menu options have been renamed in this package, "My Music"
    to "MP3", "My Videos" to "Video" etc, for those who dislike Microsoft-style naming.
    The "TV guide" main menu option has been removed. The original home.xml and strings.xml
    files from CVS have been included in their respective directories.

    10-11-03 updated: italian translations by xANTAL(xAD)
    10-11-03 fixed: crash when switching to another skin or language
    10-11-03 fixed: When Albums are show, ofter the Album Title is cut off, even if there would be enough room for it.
    10-11-03 added: use english strings if tuples are not present in other language files
    10-11-03 added: language selection to settings
    10-11-03 fixed: movie overlay window didnt move when calibration the UI
    10-11-03 fixed: dont crash if a .xml file is missing or corrupt
    10-11-03 fixed: move back to beginning of filelist when pressing down @ at of filelist
    10-11-03 fixed: spincontrols in setttings are reversed
    10-10-03 fixed: when switching skins dont go back 2 main screen
    10-10-03 there is a new skin for xbmc by XetaSoft. get it at www.xetasoft.com
    10-10-03 fixed: better UDF detection (thx 2 bobbin007)
    10-08-03 fixed crash if you try to play a 2nd mpg
    10-08-03 added final AR code
    10-08-03 some more ISO9660 support XCD's work 2 now:)
    10-07-03 fixed: problem that movies over SMB only play 2 seconds. Not perfect yet since subtitles dont work
    10-07-03 finally fixed SMB stuff. playing videos should work fine now (with subtitles) and browsing through SMB directories while playing an mp3 over SMB works 2
    10-07-03 updated core to mplayer 1.0pre2 (CVS 7-10-2003)
    10-07-03 fixed: better AR code thx 2 poing & jmarshall
    10-07-03 added: new python scr ipts GUI (thx 2 darkie)
    10-06-03 first commit of new ISO9660 library (thx to avalaunch team)
    10-06-03 added: AR code now takes in account that TV doesnt have square pixels
    10-05-03 added UDF filesystem detection for dvd drive
    10-05-03 added .flac extensions 2 music files
    10-05-03 mplayer: cvs 05-10-2003 . Added support for FLAC

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