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XB-News v1.0 build 0257

Discussione in 'Console News, Articoli e Recensioni' iniziata da Ivan, 10 Ottobre 2003.

  1. Ivan

    Ivan Administrator

    9 Dicembre 2002
    "Mi Piace" ricevuti:
    XB-News v1.0 build 0257

    >> XB-News is a RSS interpreter application for windows that displays the latest xbox related news.
    Whats New/Fixed:

    • NEW: Added support for http://www.mediaxbox.com. A French language Xbox site. (Requested by Francky87)
    • NEW: Since the Media Xbox site has been added I have made it possible to turn on/off sites. This is due to the sites now being in different languages. Some French guys may not be able to read the English sites and would like to turn them off, and vice versa. I know I cannot read French!
    • FIXED: If there were no tags in the xml code XB-News would crash. This is now checked for.
    • NEW: The time of last update is now displayed in the windows caption bar.
    • CHANGE: Settings layout has completely changed ready to support more sites without making the dialog any larger.
    • NEW: Changes made to settings will only be saved if the "Apply" button is selected. You also have the option to cancel changes made. (Requested by Xlogik)
    • NEW: User configurable option to close to system tray instead of closing XB-News. When new items are downloaded the tray icon will flash. (Iriez @ Xbins.com)
    • NEW: User option to display popup alerts similar to the "you have new mail" popup's in MSN Messenger when new mail arrives. This only happens if XB-News is running in the system tray.
    • FIXED: All news titles were being converted to lower case in the lists. This is now fixed and the newfeeds original formatting is reserved. This has the side effect of marking all items as unread the first time you update the existing news.
    • NEW: Added user configurable option to run XB-News when windows starts
    • NEW: User option to start XB-News minimised. If the "Close to system tray" option is selected XB-News will close to a tray icon, otherwise it will just minimise to the windows task bar.
    • NEW: Right clicking on a site will allow you to mark ALL items on the site list as read/unread from the popup menu
    • NEW: The background colour of a site will change depending on the content. If there are any new items it will be a light green, if there are unread items it will be light yellow and if all items are read it will be clear.

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