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Released: Yoshihiro 256k-Multi-2004 and v1.6-512k-beta Debug Bioses

Discussione in 'Console News, Articoli e Recensioni' iniziata da Ivan, 19 Ottobre 2004.

  1. Ivan

    Ivan Administrator

    9 Dicembre 2002
    "Mi Piace" ricevuti:
    Yoshihiro 256k-Multi-2004 and v1.6-512k-beta Debug Bioses

    >> Yoshihiro, who is now releasing his work independently, released 2 new DEBUG bioses. A new 256k version that works on both Conexant and Focus videochip (Xbox v1.0-v1.5) and a 512k beta version for Xbox v1.6 (init/xcalibur video).

    * Yoshihiro Debug Bios 256k Multi K: 2004

    From readme/nfo:

    Full compatibily with linux under XDK Dash auto detection of the encoder focus & conexant (Xcalibur Support almost done) Bfm loader when you press eject during the animation. To use the BFM loader you need XBTOOL and replace the BFM Folder which is in the config by the one packed with this bios & use your bios as usual by checking BFM on the upper right. Now you have to replace the bios in E:\\biosbfm and the bios need to be always named xboxrom.bin or it won't be recognize
    1st boot on c:\avalaunch.xbe
    2nd boot on c:\evoxdash.xbe
    3rd boot on c:\xboxdash.xbe

    * Yoshihiro Debug bios 1.6 512k Beta K: 2004

    From readme/nfo:

    I'm glad to provide you this debug bios 512 based on the 5445 from Microsoft. This version is a beat "so use it at your own risk" it can't be load on a xbox 1.6 with a HDD Locked. It works only on xbox 1.6 with a unlocked HDD. This bios has been tested on a Smartxx V1 & V2 and works perfectly but didn't works on a Xecuter3 Beta.
    I think it can works on Xenium & XBIT normally. This bios is only a beta release. The final version is closer everyday and will be able to load every XBE (Linux & Retail)

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