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Released: XLink Kai Beta 0004

Discussione in 'Console News, Articoli e Recensioni' iniziata da Ivan, 18 Gennaio 2004.

  1. Ivan

    Ivan Administrator

    9 Dicembre 2002
    "Mi Piace" ricevuti:
    XLink Kai Beta 0004

    >> A new beta version of the new XLink tunneling program has been released. This programs allows you to play each link-compatible Xbox game online for free.
    From flat235/TheDaddy on forums.xbox-scene.com:

    Long time no see
    Well, I wasn't sure whether or not to release this - most of the new stuff is "behind the scenes crap" - and it's not been tested anywhere near as much as I would have hoped - but whatever, here's whats new:

    > Gamecube router negotiation. Kai can now race against your router to provide it with a DHCP response (ie give it an IP). Most routers take about 1 second to check the IP with ARP, then tell the cube - we take about 200ms - so we should be able to get there first. This basically means that router players can now use Kai, and you can switch your ICS back on on your 2nd NIC setups.
    > Deep resolution support ** TOTALLY UNTESTED ** When you start the Kai launcher, if you are on an ISP like Fastwebs, and we have a functioning Deep Resolution Server there, you will see the little "Dual interface" thing in the top right corner - once this is there, you can proceed as normal - and you should be able to ping / play people both on and off the FastWeb LAN.
    > Engine seperation - you now start the engine using the Launcher, then the UI. This is to allow people to run the engine on on one PC, and the UI on another - some people need this because WET11 translation isnt in yet - saves having to use remote destop.
    > Creatable rooms - in certain areas. Mainly turned off at the moment - although you can create in the Gamecube areas. I will add more creatable arenas if the demand arises. Extended features like kick, max players, descr iption will come in later.
    > Group support (experimental) .. arenas can be locked so only certain user groups can access them - mainly for the clans stuff.
    > Multi-box improvements - prevented some pointless traffic which was being created before.
    > Few UI fixes - still an annoying flicker to get rid of - but whatever.
    > Ability to change space used by arena contacts / rooms.
    > Quite a few small things - can't remember em all ..
    > Multiple mesh support - no need to turn you guys of while I work on things - we can run a development mesh alongside the other one .. Hopefully, this will mean that you'll only ever be going down for as long as it takes to change an orb - usually about 3 mins ..
    > Overall metrics update .. we can now see exactly how much data is being sent overall by everyone playing on Kai .. I'll put it on the website frontpage soon..

    Im basically just looking for people to play and give the same sort of feedback we've had so far - I'll have more time over the next few weeks, so we can get a lot more done. Please bear with me if there are problems with this initially - like I said, it's a rush job.

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