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Released: Xenesis v0.97

Discussione in 'Console News, Articoli e Recensioni' iniziata da Ivan, 25 Dicembre 2003.

  1. Ivan

    Ivan Administrator

    9 Dicembre 2002
    "Mi Piace" ricevuti:
    Xenesis v0.97

    >> Xenesis is a port from Gens to the xbox.

    Whats New/Fixed:

    Completely rewritten
    - New improved UI, better look and feel (no more purple :eek:( )
    - New config file format - not compatible with previous version
    - Improved favourite support - not compatible with previous version
    - Improved cheat code support
    - More graphics filtering options (including HQ2X which is a bit on the slow side)

    No more rom path or rom sharing issues to worry about!!
    New browsing ability - access all drives and folders including dvd-rom.
    Add required roms/folders (from any source - local, DVD, network etc) to favourites.
    Set 'Start in Favourites' option to automatically go to favourites on startup.

    Full xbox save game compatability
    - each game gets its own save game which stores save states, settings, cheat codes
    - Control configuration can be saved individually for each game

    Improved controller menus
    - Now supports analog and d-pad at the same time (if analog support turned on)
    - Now allows for Team player (4 player adapter) to be set on port 2
    may not work correctly with some games due to bugs in Gens source e.g. columns 3

    SMB/Relax network share support
    - load roms + sega cd images/mp3s from a windows/Relax share
    - mp3's get cached on xbox utility drive
    - Specify names and paths for shares using the UI Options menu.
    - Name is straightforward - e.g. Genesis Roms
    - share names are specified in the same manner as the XBMP shares e.g. smb://user:pass@computer/share
    (haven't tried XBMC myself yet so don't know if they are the same)

    ISO9660 disc support
    - load roms + sega cd images/mp3s from iso9660 format discs
    - mp3's get cached on xbox utility drive
    - reading of discs seems to be a bit flaky - but that could be some of the discs I was burning

    Simple skinning support
    - Put skins in the \skins folder
    - On the fly skin previewer (no need for pre built preview images)
    - UI colours can be adjusted using built in colour chooser

    Screenshot support
    - save up to 10 screenshots per rom
    - browse screenshots using left/right on d-pad in game select screen
    - Use left trigger + right trigger + Back to take a screenshot

    Support for Genesis Collective games database
    - display game information
    - display Game Genie cheat codes
    - Display game cheats
    - display game title shots and in game shots
    - requires a copy of GCOffline from www.genesiscollective.com
    - use White button from game select screen to display, then d-pad to scroll and Left/Right trigger to change page
    - unzip GCOffline to your xbox, set the path using the UI Options menu

    Automatic CD detection
    - choose to boot Sega CD automatically if detected
    - type of CD indicated (Sega CD, Audio CD, iso9660 or xbox format)

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