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Released: XECUTER2 4981 Bios

Discussione in 'Console News, Articoli e Recensioni' iniziata da SeV3n, 23 Gennaio 2004.

  1. SeV3n

    SeV3n Administrator

    3 Novembre 2002
    "Mi Piace" ricevuti:
    Polimi / Monza Beach
    X2 4981 Bios

    >> A new bios release from xecuter...
    From the readme:

    X2 4980 had a lame bug. It looked for msxboxdash.xbe instead of
    xboxdash.xbe - so if booting to a drive with no hacked dash you
    would get an error 13. Apologies for this - was a dumb ass typo.

    Also changed the dash boot sequence as follows:

    1. avalaunch.xbe
    2. evoxdash.xbe
    3. mxmdash.xbe
    4. nexgen.xbe
    5. xboxdash.xbe

    Psilocybe - one of our support staff made the relevant changes.
    We didnt actually do anything so credit goes to him for posting
    this. Also credits go to some of the guys at xbox-scene.com for
    playing with the kernel and coming up with some ideas of their own.

    Main X2 4981 XBL Disable Hack Info page:
    http://www.teamxecuter.com/x24981_xbl.htm - We advise you to read

    We hope you enjoy what is now most definatley the last X2 bios
    release. Our advancements in the Xbos hacking scene have driven
    development forward in many areas over the last two years and
    your support has been fantastic. We look forward to serving the
    community in 2004 with many exciting new developments and new

    This bios is designed to work with all modchips as a BIOS. It is
    our parting gift to the scene from the X2 Family. However it may not
    work with some other mod's extra functions - but it works as a whole
    like it's supposed to.

    Now on with the show. Post all your feedback & test reports in here.

    This is not a "How to flash my bios" forum. This is for people with
    test results on using the X2 4981 Bios :)

    Changes 4980 - 4981
    - Boot sequence fixed
    - No more error 13


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