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Released: XboxMediaCenter (XBMC) 2004-06-19 build

Discussione in 'Console News, Articoli e Recensioni' iniziata da Ivan, 21 Giugno 2004.

  1. Ivan

    Ivan Administrator

    9 Dicembre 2002
    "Mi Piace" ricevuti:
    XboxMediaCenter (XBMC) 2004-06-19 build

    >> A new Version of XboxMediaCenter has been released.
    What's new/fixed:

    * XviD 1.01 codec and FFmpeg are available for xvid decoding, check the nfo file for details.
    * Chokeman's Project Mayhem skin (06-18 version, www.chokemaniac.net) is included.
    * added: New option in XBoxMediaCenter.xml to specify external application for handling CDDA
    * added: support for foldername.tbn files
    * added: [ 905913 ] abilty to cancel startup of video/audiostreams.
    * removed: ability to select audio resampling for video. never worked correctly and allmost allways caused stuttering.
    * fixed: [ 975462 ] N/A weather image (wrong icon shown if weather is N/A)
    * fixed: if mplayer fails to open a file, xbmc will crash after selecting a new file to play
    * fixed: H: and I: was not present in filezilla server.xml (Used for memory card)
    * fixed: [ 966026 ] Negative Text Offset does not work on 720p/1080i
    * fixed: My Weather display issues (SF bug #945652)
    * fixed: hopefully dvd playback on samsung drives
    * fixed: SF bug[965436] boxilizer 2 crash
    * fixed: Remembering the entered share doesn't work for DVD shares
    * fixed: gif loading crashes. This means you can use the KML scr ipt again.
    * fixed: [ 963099 ] Subtitles state forgotten between stacked items.
    * fixed: [ 907968 ] Video.mp3.avi detected as music
    * fixed: my music songs, adding a file to playlist with a dot in the name and hide extensions enabled cuts off everything behind the dot
    * changed: reverted to using ffmpeg for decoding of xvid material
    * changed: my music songs, when loading a directory with id3 enabled and reading takes more then 1.5 sec. a progress dialog is shown

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