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Released: XBOX_Media_Center_2004-06-06_build-IND

Discussione in 'Console News, Articoli e Recensioni' iniziata da Ivan, 6 Giugno 2004.

  1. Ivan

    Ivan Administrator

    9 Dicembre 2002
    "Mi Piace" ricevuti:
    new in 2004-06-06 build:

    Chokeman's Project Mayhem skin (06-03 version, www.chokemaniac.net) is included.
    Subtitles currently default to off, so you have to enable them in the subtitle menu of the OSD.

    Here's everything from bugs.txt since 05-22:

    - 05-06-2004 fixed: album info didn't worked on unscanned file
    - 05-06-2004 fixed: my music, Directory reading speed-up for unscanned directories with id3 tags disabled
    - 05-06-2004 fixed: my music songs, autoswitch list/thumb doesn't always work
    - 04-06-2004 fixed: list control label2 was always rendered as selected
    - 04-06-2004 added: SF patch[922265] Display names from soundtracks *updated* - Thanks to dfangel
    - 04-06-2004 changed: my videos, removing file extension before submitting filename to imdb, hopefully more accurate search results for scan
    - 04-06-2004 fixed: SF[966020] Selectbutton in My Videos doesn't get focus if view is switched the first time
    - 03-06-2004 fixed: cache buffer will now stay at 100% instead of 50% (this means that half the cache size will do now)
    - 03-06-2004 fixed: SF[965551] IMDB Thumbs no longer work
    - 03-06-2004 changed: xbe icons are caches as 128x128 tbn now
    - 01-06-2004 fixed: SF[964872] Unable to change DVD-ROM bookmark name
    - 01-06-2004 fixed: some lcd issues like (LCD sometimes shows garbage)
    - 01-06-2004 added: title image and savegame image in release project
    - 01-06-2004 fixed: my music songs playlists button speedup
    - 01-06-2004 changed: playlist containing remote files (http/mms) are not saved to playlist directory anymore
    - 01-06-2004 fixed: LCD dont show åäö.
    - 31-05-2004 fixed: my music song, when entering after bootup and tag is set, icon or list isn't automatically switched
    - 31-05-2004 fixed: album info: album thumb was not assigned to a unscanned folder, if folder contains one album
    - 31-05-2004 fixed: album info shows a list of albums for a folder if more then one is available
    - 30-05-2004 fixed: dvdfolder playback from local disk. wonder how many times this has been broken and fixed
    - 29-05-2004 fixed: ogg 6ch channel mapping. very limited in non digital mode. only left and right channel is audioable
    - 28-05-2004 added: subtitle charsets for Hebrew(arial-iso-8859-8, size 18), Turkish(arial-iso-8859-9, size 18,24)
    - 28-05-2004 fixed: selected state of passthrough and output to all channels settings sometimes incorrect when switching from analog to digital
    - 28-05-2004 fixed: channel mapping of aac audio when using analog output (somewhat uggly, all channels are just mapped down to left or right unchanged)
    - 28-05-2004 fixed: tivo playback
    - 28-05-2004 changed: changes a few language files to be consistent in Settings such that there are no colons (Chokeman).
    - 27-05-2004 fixed: album info: Track duration was shown as 0:00, if no duration available on allmusic.com
    - 27-05-2004 fixed: my music: album art (downloaded/from id3 tag) was always assigned to the every file in the directory
    - 26-05-2004 fixed: Shortcuts no longer hardcoded to Q:\Shortcuts. Will use what is defined in XboxMediaCenter.xml.
    - 26-05-2004 changed: If no default is specified for My Programs, then keep it that way. Do not default to Q:\Shortcuts.
    - 26-05-2004 changed: Scan in My Programs will find any XBE regardless of whether Show Only Default.xbe is specified.
    - 25-05-2004 fixed: wrong icon for playlists used
    - 25-05-2004 fixed: xbmc was starting the shoutcast streamripper for every stream with 'http://',
    removed so movie streams start a bit faster.
    - 25-05-2004 fixed: [ 955044 ] Playlists of streamed files don't advance (and hangs later)
    - 25-05-2004 fixed: subvobs don't enlarge, caused by the "enlarge subtitles, use more lines instead of rendering offscreen" change which is now removed
    - 24-05-2004 OSD video settings: move slider (eg contrast) left 2 steps. move it 1 step right. the effective setting goes to -3 instead of -2. same in other direction
    - 24-05-2004 fixed: [ 959121 ] SMB path can no longer contain '?'
    - 24-05-2004 fixed: dvd playback from disk (css auth)
    - 23-05-2004 added: language code for vobsubs.
    - 23-05-2004 changed: increased stream cache size to 16384. hopefully solves some stuttering problems
    - 23-05-2004 fixed: choppy playback of mono wmv.
    - 23-05-2004 fixed: channel mapping for 6channel AAC audio.
    - 23-05-2004 fixed: pictures create thumbs, cancel button doesn't work
    - 23-05-2004 changed: enlarge subtitles, use more lines instead of rendering offscreen
    - 23-05-2004 fixed: subtitles get bigger as videoresolution gets lower

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