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Released: XBMC.2004.1130

Discussione in 'Console News, Articoli e Recensioni' iniziata da Ivan, 1 Dicembre 2004.

  1. Ivan

    Ivan Administrator

    9 Dicembre 2002
    "Mi Piace" ricevuti:
    XboxMediaCenter (XBMC) 2004-11-30

    >> A new CVS compile of XboxMediaCenter has been released today.

    What's new/fixed (since 2004-11-12b):

    added/fixed: (dd-mm-yyyy) (please specify date in CET)
    - 30-11-2004 fixed: [ 970904 ] Screensaver stays on with WebServer/un-pause
    - 30-11-2004 fixed: imdb info/thumbs not saved
    - 29-11-2004 added: Kai protocol level debugging + Specify Kai engine host IP in Settings.
    - 29-11-2004 fixed: [ 1072703 ] Joliet filenames corrupted
    - 28-11-2004 fixed: weird bug whereby Kai friends list wasn't sorted correctly.
    - 28-11-2004 fixed: serialize Kai game titleid resolution and player count requests.
    - 28-11-2004 added: Movie runtime to IMDB info screen + combined Rating+Votes item
    - 28-11-2004 added: get current Kai player count for each game in the games view.
    - 28-11-2004 added: ability to force specific Kai arena - game title id mappings.
    - 28-11-2004 fixed: possible lockup switching from gui to fullscreen video while video playing
    - 28-11-2004 fixed: bug in kaiclient preventing voice chat from working.
    - 27-11-2004 added: Show contact/friend avatar on Kai Toast popup.
    - 27-11-2004 updated: Polish language file (Thnx to napek)
    - 27-11-2004 added: flash Kai chat tab briefly when another player sends message while tab not currently selected.
    - 27-11-2004 fixed: some memory leaks in the database code.
    - 27-11-2004 added: GUIConditionalButton
    - 27-11-2004 added: albuminfo, songs from allmusic.com are saved to database
    - 26-11-2004 added: Use left and right trigger to change between Kai views.
    - 26-11-2004 added: XLink Kai tabbed view.
    - 25-11-2004 added: XLink Kai network reachable checking.
    - 25-11-2004 changed: Fade in from dimmed and black screensaver
    - 25-11-2004 fixed: Screen only partially filled on HDTV
    - 24-11-2004 fixed: last folder not remembered on 'back' (sf bug #1071390)
    - 24-11-2004 updated: Hungarian language file (Thnx to Tracy18)
    - 24-11-2004 updated: Italian language file (Thnx to kotix)
    - 24-11-2004 fixed: my programs, scanning doesn't free its memory
    - 23-11-2004 fixed: kai pop-up killing speex audio while visible.
    - 23-11-2004 added: modeless dialog rendering, kai pop-up less intrusive.
    - 23-11-2004 added: inline text editor control (for Kai text chat and all who want it).
    - 21-11-2004 added: Startup splash
    - 21-11-2004 added: Kai text chat (alpha - needs a little visual tidy up, to be improved with 'in-line' edit control).
    - 21-11-2004 added: GUIConsoleControl, for future use with Kai text-chat (and any other dialog that wants it!).
    - 20-11-2004 fixed: [ 1068230 ] LCD Setting reverts to SmartXX (on restart).
    - 20-11-2004 fixed: allow empty password in Kai hosted private arenas.
    - 19-11-2004 changed: Embedded XBE icon now gets generated as program.tbn alongside program.xbe
    - 19-11-2004 fixed: [ 1066151 ] My Programs: Icon and title not updated when switching DVD`s
    - 19-11-2004 fixed: [ 1066281 ] Bookmarks on panel (right side) does not use Depth parameter
    - 18-11-2004 fixed: handes high-volume of Kai app_specific requests.
    - 18-11-2004 fixed: Various crashes when subtitle font was set to TTF
    - 18-11-2004 added: Comprehensive Kai hosting options.
    - 18-11-2004 fixed: Less aggressive Kai player profile requesting.
    - 17-11-2004 fixed: Buttonscroller, icon is not shown when last control is not the scroller
    - 17-11-2004 fixed: Kai hosting within private arenas (with sophisticated hosting options to follow soon)
    - 16-11-2004 fixed: Accurate Kai reporting of XBOX Live Communicator / Headset status.
    - 16-11-2004 fixed: Improved performance sorting Kai views (Friends, Games and Arenas).
    - 15-11-2004 added: New screensaver interface/API with Template and sample (Pyro) screensaver
    - 15-11-2004 updated: German (Austrian) language file (Thnx to CEOMR)
    - 15-11-2004 updated: Portuguese (Brazil) language file (Thnx to wellingtontu)
    - 15-11-2004 fixed: Crash in dialogs if some dialog skin files weren't present.
    - 15-11-2004 fixed: Less intrusive warning on Kai disconnection and better reconnection facilities.
    - 14-11-2004 updated: Romanian language file (Thnx to bompy)
    - 14-11-2004 fixed: Reconnection to Kai engine after disconnection.
    - 14-11-2004 added: Kai default games directory set to f:\games
    - 13-11-2004 added: Kai Toast - pop up notifications for XLink Kai function
    - 13-11-2004 added: Kai Auto Play - automatically launch games off the harddrive
    - 13-11-2004 added: Kai Network Settings - configure games directory and notifications.
    - 13-11-2004 added: Kai Netowrk Dialogs - help for n00bs
    - 13-11-2004 added: RealMedia RTSP/RDT support
    - 13-11-2004 fixed: , , didn't work for listcontrolex
    - 13-11-2004 fixed: My Pictures shows folder thumb for parent folder items
    - 13-11-2004 fixed: Lockup adding artist folders to playlist (sf bug #1062846)
    - 13-11-2004 fixed: Alpha level errors that occured with some button types (radio button etc.)
    - 13-11-2004 fixed: prevent switching to vis during slideshow (stops slideshow)
    - 13-11-2004 updated: French language file (Thnx to modhack2)
    - 13-11-2004 updated: Portuguese (Brazil) language file (Thnx to wellingtontu)
    - 13-11-2004 updated: Italian language file (Thnx to kotix)
    - 13-11-2004 updated: Dutch language file (Thnx to joepmeloenx)
    - 13-11-2004 updated: German (Austrian) language file (Thnx to CEOMR)
    - 13-11-2004 updated: German language file
    - 13-11-2004 updated: Hebrew language file by okets

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