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Released: Unleashx V0.31.0229A

Discussione in 'Console News, Articoli e Recensioni' iniziata da Ivan, 1 Marzo 2004.

  1. Ivan

    Ivan Administrator

    9 Dicembre 2002
    "Mi Piace" ricevuti:
    Unleashx V0.31.0229A

    >> A new version of UnleashX - an Xbox replacement dashboard - has been released.
    What's new/fixed:

    * Fixed: Full USB keyboard functionality when in Text editor. Keys should act like they should. Press L/RWinkey to bring up the menu.
    * Fixed: Menu list gets messed up when going in and out of submenu if done quickly.
    * Fixed: Buggy menu items alignment when using the free form layout.
    * Fixed: True-Widescreen support. Somehow, it got messed up during one of the updates.
    * Added: Passcode using just the gamepad. Valid characters for Passcodes are: A, B, X, Y, W(hite), L(eft), R(ight), U(p), D(own) and 0~9 (using the IR). Passcodes are case sensitive and have a maximum of 15 characters. Note that Password and Passcode can't be use in the same function/action together, and Password takes precendence over passcode.
    [Passcode MaxTries="3"]ABXY[/Passcode] -for system passcode or
    [Item Action="LaunchDVD" Passcode="1234567890"]Launch DVD[/Item]
    * Added: DelayLoad attribute to submenus/automenus with a default value of True. Setting this to "False" will instruct the dash to scan all related files on boot up, adding a little delay while booting up.
    [List Text="Applications" Sort="On" Auto="On" DelayLoad="False"]
    * Added: EnableMusic attribute to the "Preview" element so you have more control about how the BGM behaves.
    * Added: Forced video mode switching for multi-region titles.
    * Added: When video mode autoswitch is enabled, all titles can be force to boot to specific video system by editing config.xml/items.xml by adding/editing the Region attribute. Valid values are 1, 2, 4, and 7(multi).

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