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Released: Unleashx V0.30.0222A

Discussione in 'Console News, Articoli e Recensioni' iniziata da Ivan, 23 Febbraio 2004.

  1. Ivan

    Ivan Administrator

    9 Dicembre 2002
    "Mi Piace" ricevuti:
    Unleashx V0.30.0222A

    >> A new version of UnleashX has been released.
    What's new/fixed:

    * Fixed:Frequent lock ups when doing an IGR.
    * Fixed: XBE Title editor messes up the title when editing to a shorter title.
    * Fixed: Pressing Display button on the IR control to turn the xbox off was broken.
    * Fixed:Using MessageBox in batch execution cancels the entire process.
    * Fixed: Fan Speed gradually goes back to the default value.
    * Fixed:Fan Speed and Memory display doesn't include the fraction part. 2.5x is being displayed as 2.0x.
    * Fixed: or rather changed. Embedded game icons won't show if you didn't put anything on the Item element in config.xml.
    * Fixed: Problem with the newer IR Control.
    * Fixed: Background music (BGM) gets muted even though the audio of preview video is disabled.

    * Changed: EnableDriveF default value was changed to False. This should ensure greater compatibility with older BIOSes.
    * Changed: Default Infotext Font was expanded to include characters 128~255, so it's now possible to display the © and ® characters.
    * Changed: Virtual keyboard expanded to include accented characters.The Alphabet[-]Symbol button is now changed to Alphabet-]Symbol-]Accents
    * Changed: USB keyboard mapping to gamepad events. Enter key maps to A, Esc to B, Ctrl+Enter to Start and Ctrl+Esc to Back button. This should make using USB keyboard with the text editor easier.
    * Changed: WMA (BGM) decoding engine, and overall handling. Random option limits the selection to the same track and will only change track if all the songs have been played.
    * Changed: Option to play ripped WMA only, custom music only, or both. The old configuration will still work ([EnableSoundTrack]True[/EnableSoundTrack]) but it will be mapped to "Off" and "Both".
    [EnableSoundTrack]Both[/EnableSoundTrack] -Posible values:Off, Xbox, Custom, Both
    * Changed: "Copy DVD" option on the file manager so that instead of taking the current selected item as the destination, it will ask the user for one, using the virtual keyboard.
    * Changed: Batch command is now expanded to handle any number of level. Previous implementation will only handle the "Items" element from the parent "List" element. The parent "List" element can contain as many "List" element up to several levels deep. Because of this the "AskUser" command is modified to exit the current level and skip the remaining items on queue, unless it belongs to the top level menu.
    * Changed: "Path" element can now be placed right after the "Menu" Element, not just within a "List" element. All your games can now be listed on the root menu, not just as a sub menu.

    * Added: Integrated Text Editor. Find and select your txt, xml, ini from the File Manager.
    * Added: Video mode Auto-Detect/Auto-Switch using Cherry's patch code so it's EEPROM safe (Doesn't modify and write to EEPROM). Force PAL60 option is also included. A simple reboot reverts everything back to original settings. It's smart enough to apply only when needed. Note: Multi-region titles like RainbowSix3 won't be set.
    [AutoVideoMode UsePAL60="False"]True[/AutoVideoMode]
    * Added: LED Color settings. Possible values: Default, Red, Orange, Off
    * Added: CPU Temperature Threshold. The dash will dynamically increase the fan speed until it reaches the desirable temperature level.
    * Added: Horizontal Menu layout. [Menu Horizontal="True" Smooth="True" ShowIcon="True" Rotate="False"]
    This will also enable Dpad Left and Right as an additional input for navigation.
    * Added: Freeform Menu layout. You can now put items anywhere on the screen.
    [Menu Smooth="True" ShowIcon="True" Rotate="False"]
    [ItemPos Left="285" Top="96"][/ItemPos]
    [ItemPos Left="310" Top="138"][/ItemPos]
    [ItemPos Left="315" Top="180"][/ItemPos]
    [ItemPos Left="310" Top="222"][/ItemPos]
    [ItemPos Left="290" Top="264"][/ItemPos]
    The ItemPos element can contain Width and Alignment attributes.
    * Added: You can now include a non-selectable menu item. To do this, don't include the action attribute to an Item element.
    [Item Icon="C:\Games\Action.png"] -= Action =- [/Item]
    * Added: You can now include a blank, non-selectable menu item. To do this, don't include the action attribute, and don't put anything for the value to an Item element.
    * Added: TextEditor to the Action command. Ex: [Item Action="TextEditor"]Text Editor[/Item]
    * Added: X2IGR_ON/X2IGR_OFF action commands. Ex: [Item Action="X2IGR_OFF"]Turn Off X2 IGR[/Item]
    * Added: SetClock action command. Ex: [Item Action="SetClock"]Date/Time Settings[/Item]
    * Added: InputBox action command. Displays the virtual keyboard and wait for user’s input. This is useful when doing an installer disk, giving the user the capability to choose the destination.
    [Item Action="InputBox" Arg1=”KB Caption”]Sample Value[/Item]
    To use the value entered by user later, you can use the keyword KBResult or $KBResult$ to combine it with any text. Ex: [Item Action="MessageBox" Arg1=”Hi”]You entered ‘$KBResult$’[/Item], or [Item Action="Copy" Arg1=”D:\CDrive” Arg2=”KBResult”]Copy C Backup[/Item]
    Note that the use of $KBResult$ is case sensitive. Also, do not use KBResult and $KBResult$ after asking for password. In the event that a password is required for an item, ask for another input again from the user.
    * Added: Context Menu. Press start button to bring it up. Options available are Select/Play, Information, and Backup to Harddisk (backup only for that specific game/title). The type of information displayed is dependent on the type of the currently selected item. The context menu will be expanded to include more actions in the future.
    * Added: Ability to personalize/name your DVD compilation disk by simply adding a file named "DiskTitle.txt" containing the alternate Title you want. Instead of having a disk with title showing as "UnleashX CD", or "MediaXMenu"(?) or "RemoteX"/"Evox CD", you can have it like "MultiGame disk Vol. 2" or "Halo/MechAssault Disk". Note: For UnleashX bootdisk without this file, auto-launching is suppressed irregardless of your setting.
  2. imported_KenCiro

    imported_KenCiro Tribe Member

    25 Novembre 2003
    "Mi Piace" ricevuti:
    Ottima!! Ottimi miglioramenti e fantastiche aggiunte.

    Bellissimo e utilissimo l'editore di testo... pensate che avevo sbagliato a caricare il config.xml mettendo un ip sbagliato... invece di reeboottare la x da cd l'ho editato direttamente con questa nuova utiliti... :) ha funzionato alla grnade!! :)

    Finalmente sistemato il telecomando... adesso funziona in piu' eè stata aggiunta l'opzione che permette di spegnere la X col tastone "DISPLAY"... Peccato non si possa anche accendere.

    Risolto il problema del titolo delle canzoni in BG... adesso viene effettivamente visualizato il titolo della canzone, e non il nome del file in esequzione!

    Mi sembra molto piu' stabile. La versione precedente ogni tanto si impallava al restar... sembra che questo problema sia stato risolto.

    Ho notato pero' dei problemi:

    La musica di BG a volte si impalla inserendo un CD!

    Se si apre un file immagine (xbx mi sembra) a volte lo apre come immagine, altre volte come testo. Non so se è un BUG o se sbaglio io qualche cosa.

    ... KC...

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