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Released: UnleashX V0.26.0119A

Discussione in 'Console News, Articoli e Recensioni' iniziata da Ivan, 19 Gennaio 2004.

  1. Ivan

    Ivan Administrator

    9 Dicembre 2002
    "Mi Piace" ricevuti:
    UnleashX V0.26.0119A

    >> A new version of UnleashX has been released. What's new/fixed:

    * Fixed: Won't boot on BIOSes patched with Big F partition.
    * Fixed: Crown/crosshair doesn't rotate when triggers are use to move between menu items.
    * Fixed: Memory Units drive assignment conflicts with Drive F & G when inserted on Port 1. Thanks to BenJeremy for the hack.
    * Fixed: Root of Memory units is not accessible. Instead of the actual root Root, it displays the Saved game's metadata.
    * Fixed:WMV playback is choppy. Also, WMV9 file makes the dash crash.
    * Fixed: Music doesn't play when you press right thumbstick, if you disabled background music in your settings.
    * Fixed: DDS formatted, DXT3 compressed game icons doesn't show up (Hunter: The Reckoning...etc.)
    * Fixed: Skin settings doesn't save if "Settings" section isn't found.
    * Fixed:FTP compatibility with some FTP client (xFer and Qwix(info) and I hope some Unix based clients too -sorry, don't have anything to test this on).
    * Fixed: File Manager won't do anything if the current selection is the first item ("..") and you select "Copy".
    * Fixed: Smoother navigation when using the IR remote control.
    * Fixed: Pressing the Back button while virtual keyboard is being displayed should dimiss ONLY the virtual keyboard, not the current screen/dialog.
    * Added: Capability to format new Harddisk and restore backup when run from from CD-R/RW or DVD. See hdprepare_movie.txt for details. Thanks to Modchip-Source (www.modchipsource.com) for providing the HD used for testing.
    * Added: New Action command: "PrepareHD". Performs formatting of HD as if you just installed a new disk. Run only from DVD/CD to avoid error because of open files. Ex: [Item Action="PrepareHD"]Prepare New HD[/Item]
    * Added: New Action command: "Delete". Deletes a single file or a directory recursively -please be cautious and don't blame me for lost data. Deleting from action command WILL NOT ASK for your confirmation. Ex: [Item Action="Delete" Arg1="C:\Items.xml"]Delete Cache[/Item], or Ex: [Item Action="C:\Skins"]Delete Skins folder[/Item]
    * Added: New Action command: "Zip". Zip a single file or a directory. Ex: [Item Action="Zip" Arg1="C:\Skins" Arg2="C:\Skins.zip"]Zip up Skins folder[/Item]. Format is Command-Source file/folder-destination file
    * Added: New Action command: "UnZip". Expands a zip file. Ex: [Item Action="UnZip" Arg1="C:\skins.zip" Arg2="C:\Skins"]Extract Skins[/Item]. Format is Command-Source zip file-destination folder
    * Added: FTP SITE EXEC command. Ex: SITE EXEC [Fullpath to XBE]
    * Added: XBE Title editor. Find and highlight your xbe using the File manager, bring up the menu, and find "Rename XBE Title" option.
    * Added: Detects if an XBE was modified -then updates the cache to reflect info. (Should now update the title when you use XBERenamer, or any XBE-editing tool)
    * Added: Music can now be controlled using the IR. Play, Pause, Stop, Forward(next song), Reverse(prev. song), Skip+(next Soundtrack), Skip-(prev. soundtrack)
    * Added: Enable/disable Preview video via the Black button (only for skins that uses preview videos)
    * Added: Windowed/Fullscreen mode for preview video via Right thumbstick press, or Display on the IR control. (Menu items will still show up when in full screen mode)
    * Added: Background Sound effect is now muted when Music is playing.
    * Added:Background music is muted when preview video is playing.
    * Changed: All XBE can now be patch(Media flag), not just "default.xbe" -Thanks to xeero, BTW.

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