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Released: LinksBoks 0.92 'Dr Zoidberg Edition'

Discussione in 'Console News, Articoli e Recensioni' iniziata da Ivan, 14 Giugno 2004.

  1. Ivan

    Ivan Administrator

    9 Dicembre 2002
    "Mi Piace" ricevuti:
    LinksBoks 0.92 'Dr Zoidberg Edition'

    >> A new version of LinksBoks has been released.

    What's new/fixed:

    * Added SSL support! (*warning* read notes below).
    * Reenabled Links' Javascr ipt engine (read notes below).
    * Fixed a horrible bug that was the reason for most of the lockups and freezes (sockets were staying in "blocking" mode). Expect more stability & speed from this version.
    * Reimplemented the file: protocol. You can now browse your hard drive! Additionally, browsing to the "empty" URL shows up the "root" directory containing your available hard disc drives (instead of crashing :p).
    * Fixed: big, non-interlaced GIF files weren't rendered correctly, for example the top banner on xbox-scene (that one was a bitch: had to turn off an "optimization" that doesn't work here).
    * Rebuilded fonts, some (punctuation) characters weren't rendered.
    * Added options to bypass detection of supported HDTV modes, under "User interface > Xbox-specific options > Video modes". Your can disable HDTV completely, or skip 1080i or 720p to get the mode you want. The sequence being: 1080i?->720p?->480p?->NTSC, you can (for example) get 480p by disabling both 1080i and 720p. Easy!
    * Increased screen refresh rates to make mouse and scrolling a bit smoother.
    * You can now change the font size quickly with up/down directions on the d-pad while in video calibration mode (Setup>Video calibration).
    * You can scroll in the treeview-based dialogs (Options/Bookmark managers) using the right thumbstick or the mouse wheel.
    * Upgraded to VS.net 2003 and the lastest XDK, and finally made the thing compile in Release configuration (more optimized & compact code).
    * Increased max border size in the Video calibration mode from 100 to 125 (you can always go beyond that by entering the values manually in the Options)
    * Various bugfixes as usual.
    * Updated documentation a bit.
    * A nice logo/icon, and a new Web site!

    KNOWN BUGS/RELEASE NOTES for this version:
    * SSL support means you can now browse HTTPS sites with an encrypted connection, but security is NOT guaranteed! More info in the README.txt file, "Is browsing SSL-enabled sites with LinksBoks secure?" section.
    * Yes, Links' Javascr ipt engine is here, but it's disabled by default as it creates more problems than it solves. Remember this engine is highly experimental and very incomplete. Don't expect it to run anything but the simplest scr ipts (if you're lucky). If you still want to try it, enable it in "Document > Javascr ipt options". You might want to enable the verbose errors too as the scr ipt is "killed" at the first error.
    * Didn't have time to fix the FTP protocol, sorry :/

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