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Released: Avalaunch 0.49.2

Discussione in 'Console News, Articoli e Recensioni' iniziata da Ivan, 27 Novembre 2004.

  1. Ivan

    Ivan Administrator

    9 Dicembre 2002
    "Mi Piace" ricevuti:
    Avalaunch 0.49.2

    >> A new version of Avalaunch dashboard has been released.

    What's new/fixed:

    - Ava core
    *Added DVD player
    *Added a simple SWF player partially ported from macromedias free sources
    *Added a few X3 features to settings
    *Fixed a few 1.6 issues
    *Fixed a few autoupdater issues
    *Fixed some crashbugs related to the inner core, but might have messed it up a bit instead of making it better
    *Added a second FTP server aimed for nonboost transfers
    *Fixed Kai rooms
    *Added possibillity to join the unstable update trees, this means you become a "semi-tester" on current builds. Might be updated very often, and might have serious bugs.

    - DVD player

    *Wrote support for HDTV (480p, 720p - disabled 1080i for now, got messed up)
    *Wrote support for digital audio
    *Added menu's
    *Added interactive menus
    *Added screensaver to save projector/plasma screens life
    *Added remote control support
    *Fixed remotecontrol, didn't work without pad inserted
    *Fixed subtitles
    *Fixed widescreen playback

    - Skins

    *Kai rooms skin added: Kai.png
    *boot image put into skin: bootimage.png
    *screensaver put into skin: screensaver.x, screensaver.swf
    *dvd controls put into skin: dvd_splash.png, dvd_play.png, dvd_pause.png, dvd_stop.png, dvd_ff.png, dvd_fr.png, dvd_sf.png, dvd_sr.png

    - End word

    Yupp, somehow we got time to put out this one. Real life is making sure we can't do much on a daily basis, but we try. Be patient, we have worked a lot on many different things, and it will pay off in the end =)
    Note that there was a lot of fixes that due to sickness and personal problems among Team Avalaunch developers this release is delayed extremely much, and a lot of the changelog was lost because of this. There has been a lot more changes than is written here, but noone can remember what.

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