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Released: Avalaunch 0.49.03 *UPDATE*

Discussione in 'Console News, Articoli e Recensioni' iniziata da Ivan, 16 Giugno 2004.

  1. Ivan

    Ivan Administrator

    9 Dicembre 2002
    "Mi Piace" ricevuti:
    Avalaunch 0.49.03 *UPDATE*

    >> A new version of Avalaunch dashboard has been released!

    What's new/fixed:

    * Checks for parental settings and disables feature totally if set ( it does still allow online skins though - as they are not hosted or controlled by Team Avalaunch )
    * Made Avalaunch friendlier to booting from DVD, since obiously it can't download images from the net to the dvd - it uses Z: instead.
    * Made a setting allowing apod/acam to store what it downloads into localpics (see Localpics section for details) for offline usage later.
    * Rewrote major parts of the ACAM/APOD engine to make it more configurable.
    * Fixed some rare ACAM crashbugs.
    * Some odd MP3 streams caused the engine to detect the wrong values, so we made a an "auto-adjuster" that recreates the stream with the correct values.
    * Fixed playback of small WMA's that would appear looping.
    * Fixed a major problem regarding subdirectories in playlists.
    * Fixed some more core issues in the MPEG engine.
    * Added possibility of having a bootup logo (\bootimage.png if you don't want the embedded JPG).
    * Automatically detects the need for repartitionning and full format. Optional ofcourse.
    * Rewrote parts of network initialization so that it's less demanding on network on boot (shouldn't care if network interface is locked).
    * Fixed some issues in Quickstart that could occur now and then.
    * Fixed the main problem we've had with Quickstart; that it would only work in port 1. Works in all ports now.
    * Added 'Kålbæks (tm)' (callback hooks for the menu system to you Norwegian-word-pun-impaired people)
    * Did a rewrite that allows you to boot with a unformatted harddrive.
    * Fixed the X/Y/Z mount problem.
    * Enabled harddrive locking.
    * Fixed all known issues regarding EEPROM writing (loop-tested a few thousand videomode switches without any differences in the EEPROM).
    * Added a "master lock" for EEPROM writeback access that will refuse any EEPROM access unless the user explicitly grants permission.
    * Added an extra security that denies all access to EEPROM if the harddrive is locked.
    * Found some very friendly and safe methods to let the kernel do all the CRC calculations for us. It also checks that all checksums are correct along with valid videomodes and mac address and some other important values. Avalaunch will restore a backup right away if any wrong values are detected.
    * Fonts are now checked if they got to Z: before loading them from there (will load from default location otherwise).
    * Fixed the filename clipper so you can in theory upload files with names that exceed 42 characters.
    * Added XR8D's Rainbow Six 3 map downloader system for homebrew maps. Thanks guys - this is only the beginning =) (hint: START on rainbow six after enabling it in settings).
    * Added a check routine to make sure you always have the latest map installed.
    * Added a queue system that allows you to select several maps for download at once (although it will download one-by-one).
    * Added a function to delete saved data like LIVE downloads due to popular demand.
    * Added some options to deny ava to use 720p and 1080i (SniperKil request)
    * Added support for overlay PNG's that will be rendered on top of the background. Copy it to the current skin directory and call it "overlay.png".
    * Fixed flickering in the overlay engine at boot.
    * Made it possible to disable all popups - and only get popups if there is a major error (possible to disable that too though).
    * Rewrote parts of the HTML engine regarding downloads and timeouts. Should be conceived as much faster and more accurate now.
    * Fixed a major stream problem.
    * Added a progress counter/a bit more feedback to the user.
    * Fixed some issues regarding 404 errors as well as issues with the occational misparsed URL.
    * Small fix, it will allow local files now - it'll just "fake" downloading the file.
    * Wrote library from scratch to cooperate with xlink KAI evo 7.
    * Added new commands to do stuff like tell the number of people in the vectors.
    - Made it possible to use a file called "forward" containing new path like f:\familyalbum (no "\" termination).
    * If network settings locates downloadservice.txt, it will open the URL in that file and allow applications to be downloaded directly from a webserver. See the specifications in the xbox-scene forums on how to use this feature.
    * Added basic support for the "common" parameter system we located on xports systems, also added a XBMC autodetect for this so when xbmc adds parameter passing support it will automatically start media files when you click on them.
    * XBS changed servers and some issues appeared. Fixed those issues and made it speedy again.
    * Made it a bit more interesting with some 3d enviroment mapped stuff. Can be made to use your own 3d models. Simply make .x file and call it "screensaver.x". Copy it to the same directory as the Avalaunch XBE.
    * Added a dynamic screensaver background that is in the skin, put a link to a picture on the web into screensaver.lnk in the selected skin and it'll show on screensaver activation.
    * Fixed a bug in the hardware settings that would overwrite some rather important strings.
    * Added a keyboard selector to change between the 2 types available.
    * Rewrote everything. Made a new UI component common for settings. This makes it ready for the new UI when it gets there (huge rewrite).
    * Added HDTV options (as found in Microsoft's dashboard).
    * Added code for initializing HDTV modes, and "revert" code that will restore previous mode if you don't approve.
    * Made a bit more interesting temperature log.
    * Rewrote network settings and put SNTP into it while at it.
    * Changed the languages layout a little.
    * Added mono/surround/DTS/AC3 options into AV settings.
    * Rewrote parts of Quickstart settings.
    * Added some screensaver settings to options.
    * Made a separate local skin engine that browses through pics locally stored in skins\localpics\ (use for personal slideshow or something if you want).
    * Rewrote the entire online/local skin selector.
    * Added a setting in options that would make Avalaunch keep itself being the latest version without bothering the user (does not touch the XML file though).
    * Fixed a crashbug related to screensavers and reinitialization of the videocore (PAL/NTSC runtime switching).


    What's new/fixed:
    * Minor bugfix on button timing and rs3 maps

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