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MP3 FAT-X Renamer 0.8 alpha news

Discussione in 'Console News, Articoli e Recensioni' iniziata da Ivan, 23 Agosto 2003.

  1. Ivan

    Ivan Administrator

    9 Dicembre 2002
    "Mi Piace" ricevuti:
    MP3 FAT-X Renamer 0.8 alpha news

    >> More news about the MP3 FAT-X Renamer(info) 0.8 alpha release:

    DAMN, it seems today is no good day for me. First I cut my finger, then I realized that in the Chars.mxu is the Colon :)) in. I made the Chars.mxu automatically and oversee the Colon. If you got Problems that you cant transfer any file or folder, go to Options -> Change Tabelle and delete the Colon. You can´t even use the colon on the Windows Filesystem so there is no use for this one.

    After finding a Plaster, I realized I should write at least a lil bit about using the Programm (still searching someone are willing to write one). The main change is that the Old Feature "Any File Transfer", which was only done by a User request, now is supported a lot better. If you connect to your XBoX (the first button on the Toolbar), you can take your folder and Drag´n´Drop any Folder in the FileSystem from the XboX and they get transferred immediately. If you only want to transfer MP3 Files, just Drag´n´Drop your Music Folders to the left and use the third button on the Toolbar to transfer (the second one is to delete the Musiclist). The fourth button is to Sync, for now it only looks whether there is a file with the same name and size or not. So if you rename them they will be not found. That will be a lot better if the DB is insert (what will take some time). You can choose your Sync Folder in the Options or in the ExplorerWindow by right-clicking. Most of the Windows have Options on right-click. So you can change and delete files in the MusicList also can delete Folder and File on the XBoX by right-clicking the Folder or File (for now only with the XBMP Server). So I hope I have explained at least so much you can use the Programm so far. After the testing phase, which will certainly bring some bugs to cover, I will write a help file, which will be included in the "official" Release.

    So after changing the Error Handling, I also add the check for Folders that are cut to be doubled. Also the Directory List for the FTP Browser gets refreshed after trnsferring. And some more little things.

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