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Hexbe Beta 0.9.209

Discussione in 'Console News, Articoli e Recensioni' iniziata da Ivan, 1 Settembre 2003.

  1. Ivan

    Ivan Administrator

    9 Dicembre 2002
    "Mi Piace" ricevuti:
    Hexbe Beta 0.9.209

    >> From readme:

    {What is it?}
    The first of it's kind, Hexbe is an application that easily allows you to change up to 39 textures in "xboxdash.xbe" directly over ftp in just a couple of clicks.
    With user-control in mind, available is 4 sliders (1 for each of the channels Alpha, R, G, and B), and a Color Palette for the lazy asses out there. For the old school, stubborn hackers, included also is a manual patching technique, that can be executed and reisigned manually.

    * Yes, you need a modchip to use this program.
    * Tested on xboxdash versions 4920 and 4627, does not work on "Pre-Live" dashboards.
    * Make a backup of your xbe, just in case.
    * Although you will find 7 textures with Alpha Values enabled... it is not recommended
    to these values.
    * When using the FTP Patch methods, you must use EvolutionX(info) as the server. (Not tested with other servers.
    * Make sure you specify the path for FtpPatch in the correct format
    Valid Path = /C/Dashboards/xboxdash.xbe
    InValidPath = C:\Dashboards\xboxdash.xbe
    InvalidPath = C:/Dashboards/xboxdash.xbe

    {Next Release}
    * Alot of future possibilities with this.....as new textures arise they will be added.
    * More error handling
    * The Possibility of patching the xbox4.xbx, GameHilite_01.xbx and Outline.xbx
    * Previews!
    * Open for suggestions.

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