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Avalaunch 0.48

Discussione in 'Console News, Articoli e Recensioni' iniziata da Ivan, 16 Ottobre 2003.

  1. Ivan

    Ivan Administrator

    9 Dicembre 2002
    "Mi Piace" ricevuti:
    Avalaunch 0.48

    >> The long-awaited update of the Avalaunch Xbox dashboard has finally been released.
    Lots of new and fixed stuff (lba48 support fully working,... ) and of course the 'boost-mode' that allows extremely fast filetransfers between PC and Xbox.

    What's new/fixed Avalaunch 0.48 (full changelog - yeah it's long :)):

    * Added "during boot" safety feature : left thumb = boots d:\default.xbe without doing anything else ( not even init of screen )
    * Added "during boot" safety feature : left thumb + right thumb = writes backup of EEPROM to the EEPROM ( stored in Avalaunch's "savegame" )
    * Added "during boot" safety feature : autocreates backup of EEPROM in savegame if none is found - made for use with both thumbs on boot, but can also be used with config magic and such
    (WARNING : Safety features wont work if eeprom is busted and harddrive is locked !)
    * APOD : skips pic of today if it's GIF ( duh, was a gif on releaseday )
    * Network : Added "Download" section, and put in QWIX there for now.
    * updater : Fixed a auto-launch problem of the up
    * Core : busted our asses a little to locate a EVOX BIOS fault in the latest releases, had to ditch some features in order to make M7 "cooperate"
    * Implemented the 'properties' menu choice for the games/apps in the menu. Press Start to bring up the menu
    * network setup : DHCP will now request IP more... properly ( doesn't require TP cable to be inserted at boot anymore )
    * core : Fixed DVD problems regarding reading non-9660 cd/dvd's, affected both filemanager and ftp-server
    * shoutcast : fixed a major crashbug
    * shoutcast : added a server-list reader that looks in /shoutcast for .sc files ( containing single or several http:eek:r shoutcast:links )
    * Located a hard-to-find http bug that occured only after many hours of intense data-transfers
    * did some fixes to iso9660 so it could be opensourced to XBMP/XBMC people.
    * Added the ability to specify which ports to use for passive transfers in the XML file
    * Internal nickname : some xboxes has no nickname, added local IP for that part
    * FTP-server : added 9660 support
    * Extended the override icons setting to look for icon files that has the same name as the .xbe. E.g. football.xbe will look for avalaunch_icon.png, avalaunch_icon.jpg, football.png and then football.jpg
    * Added ability to set fan speed in the XML file
    * Enabled the dusty fanspeed-code, and set a safisfying setting to avoid fried chipsets
    * shoutcast : Made it read /shoutcast dir for .sc files in xbmp style. Location should be added to xml.
    * Trashed old XML parser, wrote a new one
    * Added ability to specify whether or not to load random APOD's and to display APOD explanation or not to the XML file
    * Finished APOD, involving browsing through archives randomly and showing explanations
    * Core : *FINALLY* completed the BFM loader, need someone to make a UI or something for this - sidenote, seems to not work on many xboxes, please give feedback
    * Added auto detection of multi game DVD's and displays a menu with list of games when you press 'A' on the DVD icon
    * Added to possibility to specify whether or not switch video mode using the controller should be allowed
    * XML file now supports statement directly under section (nice for multi-app DVD's)
    * Added the possibility to specify whether or not to mount the F and G drives in the XML file
    * Added some more logic the IR-remote implementation to hopefully avoid the 'multiple key presses'
    * Core : fixed the system memleak we've had since the very beginning - not recorded any loss over 1 hour testing
    * Fixed delete folder to work on CesarFTP FTP servers
    * Controller button 'B' now changes to parent folder in the file manager (was button 'Y'; but other team members can be very persuasive thx to big baseball bats)
    * Fixed bug that could cause some XBoxes with large F drives to freeze on boot
    * Added shoutcast support for internet radios
    * Added some more logic to prevent freezing when launching while APOD/rss feeds are downloading
    * Added GIF support, due to big amount of gifs in APOD - but it's disabled for now
    * Added support for more (different) rss feed layouts
    * Fixed a possible crash bug when reading news feeds
    * Added SITE MD5 command to FTP server
    * Added SITE CRC32 command to FTP server
    * Made delete folder command in file manager lightning fast compared to old one
    * Fixed bug in file manager (introduced in 0.47.4) that copied files to the wrong destination folder
    * Updated danish language file (thx to KTC)
    * Added forgotten piece of code (doh) that does the actual video mode switching when launching games
    * Fixed HTTP code a bit to support a wider area of http-versions
    * FTP client : Uses SITE DELTREE command when delete folder is chosen and remote server is Avalaunch
    * FTP client : Switched to asynchronous file io to make transfers go faster
    * FTP client : Added implementation of BOOST mode support
    * FTP client : Automatically shows all Avalaunch servers on the local network (if they are set up to be shared) -> no more typing IPs and logins :)
    * FTP server : Added BOOST mode, both upload and download for _maximum_ transferspeeds (10-11mb/s upload). For now only Avalaunch and Qwix clients can use boostmode, but protocol will be opened for those who wants
    * FTP server : Fixed internal cache a LOT for noticeably faster transfer speeds
    * FTP server : Added additional checks for 'FreeRootSpace' when CWD command is encountered. Not all FTP clients does PWD after CWD to check what the real folder is
    * Ava-core : Added broadcast login for autodetection of other Avalaunch xboxes on the network, so you can sign right into them without typing ip's

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