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Released: Avalaunch v0.48.5

Discussione in 'Console News, Articoli e Recensioni' iniziata da Ivan, 9 Febbraio 2004.

  1. Ivan

    Ivan Administrator

    9 Dicembre 2002
    "Mi Piace" ricevuti:
    Avalaunch v0.48.5

    >> A new version of the Avalaunch dashboard has been released.
    What's new/fixed:

    * Core : Fixed some memproblems in hardware settings that caused some info to go away
    * Music : Fixed mp3 initialization engine that sometimes extracted wrong speeds
    * VoIP : Rewrote most of the VoIP engine
    * VoIP : Added SPEEX compression algorithms to VoIP, allowing crystal clear conversation without high bandwith needs
    * VoIP : Added possibillity for Multiple users to connect to one VoIP server
    * VoIP : Added possibillity for a connected VoIP client to enable a VoIP server, making servers chained
    * Config : Added PAL 60 support for videomode switcher.
    * Music : Added WMA support, will look in it's natural folder by default
    * Music : Added SDL's OGG, MOD, IT, S3M, XM support, with guarantee from lantus that it's LGPL and not GPL :)
    * config : Added Boot options in hardware (!) menu
    * config : Added x2 IGR control
    * config : Added avalaunch debug bootlog control
    * config : Added music on boot : off / hdd / hdd + wma / shoutcast ( wma = scans MS dash's rip dirs, (not the format - that's always enabled) )
    * Launch : Added pixel8's nodebug stuff for debug machines ( kicks out dll's on launch, some games requires this e.g. halo / crimson skies )
    * VoIP : Fixed major VoIP breakups in output engine
    * VoIP : Optimized VoIP transfer rates from avg 2.50 k/s down to 1.95 k/s without increasing compression or loss
    * Internet : Fixed web-engine so it allows xbox-saves and a few other servers ( tj says : oops, my bad )
    * VoIP : Fixed ip phone disconnection bug(s)
    * VoIP : Added DNS lookup to VoIP so you aren't forced to use IP, any adress will work
    * VoIP : Added "history", so the default adress will be the last one you connected to
    * Music : fixed bg player's next song-bug(s) - as well as wont play both from hdd and shoutcast, see config
    * Webengine : Changed the web-ident to ; "User-Agent: Avalaunch/0.48.x (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1)" to make it more detectable by our users
    * Core : Rewrote EEPROM tools to a far safer method, making it possible to enable PAL/NTSC switching without much risk
    * Launcher : Added the disabled automode switching for those who wishes
    * HDD : Added Lock / unlock
    * eeprom : Added a check for "w:\\eeprom.bin" upon boot, and will use that * eeprom instead if located. Handy for securing locked hdds
    * ftp : added password check against usersettings in xml ( if none given, it's common with Default/xbox or xbox/xbox (nothing = "xbox"))
    * ftp : Made a "cutter" for long filenames,
    "214_hermes_house_band_-_holiday_express-mod.mp3" becomes
    * Internet : Fixed some unproper socket handling when connect fails
    * Skins : if a file named "noskins" is inserted together with avalaunch's xbe, it will not allow any other skin than the default one (nor entering skin-setting)
    * Temperature : Added fahrenheit

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