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Avalaunch 0.46 Released!!

Discussione in 'Console News, Articoli e Recensioni' iniziata da Ivan, 9 Giugno 2003.

  1. Ivan

    Ivan Administrator

    9 Dicembre 2002
    "Mi Piace" ricevuti:
    Avalaunch 0.46.1

    **** changelog 0.46.1 ****
    - Added DVD icon as a part of the main menu
    - Fixed a bug in the screensaver. Now you can also deactivate the screensaver using a keyboard.
    - Fixed another input-related bug. Keyboards didn't work if there were no controllers attached.
    - Added fast scrolling in the menus. Press right trigger to speed up the menu scrolling.
    - Fixed so that when pressing back in auto added sub lists the previous menu will be activated (not the main menu)
    - Fixed some spanish translations
    - Added special support for FTP clients that "forgets" to create dirs before uploading.
    - Removed FATX2
    - Added FATX3 createdir
    - Added FATX3 createfile
    - Added FATX3 open file fileformat : abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz1234~1234567.ext
    - Added FATX3 Findfirst-series calls
    - Added FATX3 load database function as init
    - Added FATX3 char PossibleToCreateThisFile( char *filenameWithPath ) for the mofo ftp-clients
    - Fixed FATX3 error that prevented uploading of new identical files - but ended up as a "identical file" in same dir. looks weird with 10 identical files in same dir btw
    - Fixed FATX3 dupe problem, caused it to never overwrite if same filename found in root dir.
    - Added FATX3 renaming. Atm it will only work if you rename in "legal" dirs (short dirs) fixing soon
    - Added FATX3 deleting of both file and dir
    - Optimized network settings so we might get some higher transferspeeds, seen variated results tho, 5400 -> 8200 uploadspeeds
    - Now wait's half a second more before launching applications - thx to skorchir we found that this have something to do with the LED color changing prior to launching
    - (seems that some XBox's need this extra pause)
    - Added SITE UNZIP command to FTP server (to unzip the given file in the current folder)
    - Added SITE REFRESH command to FTP server (to refresh the menus)
    - Changed all gfx's to.png except for the backdrops
    - Fixed 'scroll-bug' when displaying list of save games when list returned many elements
    - Fixed possible crash-bug upon launching games
    - Added NTSC-J support, thanks to Docky99 for the eeprom he sendt so we could get the ntsc-j info out
    - Added support for MOD, XM, S3M and IT, thanks to Lantus - r0xx0r =)
    - Added Drive-Formatting to the utils - but it's been disabled until we get a proper UI for it / made installdisk that creates filesystem.
    - Added proxy support
    - Added playlist auto-randomizer, uses time of day as seed for always unique lists.
    - Added file manager that does background downloading so that you can do some irc/telnet stuff while waiting
    - (for those of you that want to keep your old XML file, just add the following line to the menu part of it):
    - Added 'Extract to current folder...' to the file manager when you have selected a ZIP file
    - Changed the font used in the popup menu's
    - took out MP3 playback due to complaints
    - Threaded the splash to allow faster bootups, even tho it's not likely
    - Added a bit more extensive check for where it's started from. Looks for what drive the xml-file is located
    - Moved network setup from thread to eventsystem - and made evensystem be the one that launches the ftp after ip is setup properly
    - Did a driveletter bugfix that enables avalaunch to boot from all drives

    Disponibile presso la sezione Download.

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